Beyond the Boutique

Hello World!  

Every day, we have new customers walk into the store....and say, WOW, this is more than just a store!

Why, yes, we are. We are a Boutique with a Bar....some folks have jokingly called us a "Bartique".

We have not only established a great environment, but also provide our guests with a family like atmosphere.  We are proud to be a place where....."Everyone Knows Your Name".

So, if you have not been by yet to meet us, please do so!  We would love to meet you, get you acquainted with our folks and get to know you!

One of my favorite things, is sharing with others my passion for WINE!  Yes, I love wine, love drinking wine, love learning about wine, love pairing foods with wine!

As time goes, I hope you too will share my love for wine, friends, family & fellowship!

Cheers & God Bless!


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