Brick & Mortar Is Not as easy as it looks!

The small business of brick & mortar can be difficult at times. Many people like to put blame on sales going to "online".  Well, I beg to differ, especially in the boutique industry.

Much of the boutique business is "on demand", meaning..."I have a dinner to attend tomorrow and want a new outfit for it", or "crap, I forgot it was Judy's birthday, I need to grab her a gift", or I had some free time, so I thought I would treat my self to something fun". Situations like this, you do not have the 5-7 days (if you are lucky) for delivery.  Plus, did you know??? Many online boutiques actually do not have the inventory in stock that you ordered.....they are waiting for you to buy it from them first, before they bring it into inventory.

Things like affordable prices, days & hours open, style, on-trend looks, or basic necessities are what drives people to the store.  Honestly, there is a bit of luck involved too. 

We are happy to keep our online store going, especially for those friends we have out there, that do not live near by!  And we are quick to keep inventory updated, as it does sell quickly through the store too!

Having the Brick & Mortar has created many new friends for us over the past 3 years, which has turned into an extended families for many.  The relationships made are not just business driven, but now prayer partners, mentors, babysitters, happy hour buddies and more!  We look forward for the many years to come!


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