The Why....

Mother's Day came & went quickly for us!

Spending the day with my family, and away from social media, work, the store, etc....made me realize why we do it at all.....

This is the why, they are my why! 

It can be trying with all of the juggling school rides, lunch boxes, practices, plus running a small brick and mortar business.  But, it is 100% well worth it!  

If you are a regular shopper, or cocktail consumer, at Hops & Hangers, then you definitely know these kiddos.  You listen to their sports stories, academic achievements, and even the detailed dramatic ventures of a pre-teen 11 yr old girl! 

Our customers have become our "bonus" family over the past three years, and we so appreciate them welcoming us & our kiddos into their worlds. We've received tons of advice as parents, and lots of silly stories from everyone's past parenting mishaps, and know we are tremendously blessed with these two gifts God gave us!

To all the momma's, mommies, mothers and even the "bonus" moms, I am sure you feel the same as I do when it comes to your kiddos!  They definitely help the hard days go away!  It's not just by how much we love them, but knowing the unconditional love they have for us!

May everyday be celebrated as Mother's Day!

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